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UK toddler survives 20ft fall with barely a scratch

Last Updated: Sunday, July 14, 2013 - 16:03

London: A UK toddler narrowly escaped death, surviving a 20-feet fall after he bounced off his bed and fell through the window of his house.

Leo Fernando - only 23 months old - plummeted on to a concrete patio but miraculously was barely hurt. His only injuries were a cut knee and grazed forehead.

Leo had been playing with brother Jayhan and his father Antony when he suddenly sprinted over to the window, jumped on the bed and bounced himself outside.
Antony tried to grab Leo who catapulted himself through the air, `The Sun` reported.
Antony missed and the boy`s frantic mother Emma heard him shrieking: "Oh my God, Leo`s fallen out of the window."

"I was in another room and screamed - then rushed out into the garden. I found Leo standing up with blood all over his face and crying," Emma said.

"I snatched him up and hugged him as my mum called the ambulance. I was wiping the blood out of his eyes when the paramedics arrived," she added.

Leo was rushed to hospital for X-rays - which amazingly revealed no broken bones.
"The nurses said what saved his life was that he wasn`t scared - and didn`t stiffen up when he fell. He also bounced off the lower window sill, which broke his fall a bit," Emma said.

First Published: Sunday, July 14, 2013 - 16:03
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