UK’s Glastonbury University? Beware it’s fake!

The website boasts that the university was "a leading private and independent university of world standing".

London: British authorities here have
uncovered a scam aimed at luring international students to
come and study in the UK by designing a glitzy website of what
was called `Glastonbury University`, which simply does not

Glastonbury, with a population of nearly 10,000, is a
small town in Somerset, south-west England, better known for
the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts,
which has attracted thousands of people every year since the

But Glastonbury has lately been in the news after the
Somerset County Council uncovered the Malaysia-origin scam
that used the town’s name and set up the website, which has
now been taken down.

The council was alerted to the scam after a London
university reported it had received an application from a
student claiming to have a degree from ‘Glastonbury

The website used the glitzy image of the David Wilson
Library at the University of Leicester, and claimed it as its
campus. It claimed to be well regarded for its research and
mentioned the names of ‘departments’ and other details to
lend authenticity.

The website boasted that the university was "a leading
private and independent university of world standing".

"It was feared the website, which promoted a fictitious
university was being used to rip-off unsuspecting applicants
particularly in the Far East," the council said.

It said that "a London university reported it receiving
an application from a student who claimed to have a degree
from Glastonbury University",
police officials said.

No group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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sectarian violence in recent months.

Thirteen Shia Hazara men were gunned down by
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