UN chief condemns attacks on protesters in Arab nations

UN says the bloody crackdown is "unacceptable" and Arab nations might be breaking international law.

United Nations: UN chief Ban Ki-moon has
condemned the killing of pro-democracy protesters in Bahrain
and other Arab nations, saying the bloody crackdown are
"unacceptable" and they might be breaking international law.

"The use of lethal force against peaceful
demonstrators and their arbitrary arrests are unacceptable,"
said a statement from UN Secretary-General`s office.

Ban spoke with Bahrain`s King Hamad bin Issa Al
Khalifa and expressed deep concern over reports of "excessive
and indiscriminate use of force" against unarmed civilians and
medical personnel.

The abuses allegedly include killings, withholding
treatment from the wounded and attacks on doctors as they try
to help injured protesters. The government denies the claims.

"The Secretary-General noted that such actions could
be in breach of international humanitarian and human rights
law," said the statement.

Bahrain`s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled Al Khalifa
has defended the state of emergency that has been declared in
the country, which has banned public gatherings and protests.

In the UK, rights groups have raised objection to King
Khalifa`s invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William
and Kate Middleton.

On reports of killing of protesters in Syria, it said,
"It is the responsibility of the Government in Syria to listen
to the legitimate aspirations of the people and address them
through inclusive political dialogue and genuine reforms, not

On Yemen, Ban condemned the use of live ammunition
against protesters by security forces in the capital Sana`a,
which killed over 46 people.

"The Secretary-General is deeply troubled by the
continuing violence and instability in Yemen," the statement

"He calls on all to desist from any provocative acts
that might lead to further violence," it said.