Unpaid Saudi imam locks worshippers out

The Sudanese imam was disgruntled over non-payment of his salary.

Dubai: Disgruntled over non-payment of his salary, an imam in Saudi Arabia locked the doors of a mosque and prevented worshippers to perform the prayers, media report said.

According to the report, the Sudanese imam is said to have locked the place of worship after a benefactor volunteered to pay the salary for leading the prayers but failed to provide the money.

Attempts by the inhabitants of the small village in the Wadi Al Dawaser to persuade the imam to call off his strike or at least to open the mosque so that they could pray, could not change his mind, according to Saudi daily Al Yaum.

"People look forward to more spiritual commitments through prayers and reading the Quran during the holy month, but this imam is taking action against us," a resident was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

Around 60 people pray regularly at the mosque, the newspaper said.

"We have repeatedly appealed to the authorities to appoint an imam so that we do not have such problems," another resident reportedly said.
"We should never have a repeat of such a dilemma."


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