Unprecedented security cover for Nuclear Security Summit

As leaders of more than 40 countries started arriving in Washington to attend the historic Nuclear Security Summit, a think blanket of security has engulfed this city.

Washington: As leaders of more than 40 countries, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, started arriving here to attend the historic Nuclear Security Summit, a think blanket of security has engulfed this city, which security experts say is an unprecedented in recent years.

With growing instances of home grown terrorists, American security officials are taking no chance in preparation of the two-day Nuclear Security Summit, which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said is one of the largest international conference hosted by the US in decades.

Reports said law enforcement agencies are planning a massive security clampdown when 47 world leaders show up for the upcoming Nuclear Summit beginning Monday.

Roads and sidewalks will be closed for several blocks in every direction surrounding the Washington Convention Centre starting tomorrow and stretching through to Tuesday night, creating a Potemkin Village in the heart of the nation`s capitol, free of cars, busses, pedestrians and even garbage cans.

Sleuths of the Metropolitan police, Homeland Security Department, the Secret Service, the Coast Guard, the Transportation Department and the Federal Aviation
Administration have been pressed into service this week to make a full proof security arrangement for the summit so as to avert any untoward security lapse.

People either living or working around the convention centre have been advised to carry their identity cards all the time for their personal verification.

People have also been advised not to travel to the city during the days of the summit. Fencing and other physical barriers will also be in place; while vehicular traffic in the Capital will be limited to vehicles with a law enforcement/public safety function.

The city administration said pedestrian traffic inside the restricted areas will be limited to residents and owners/employees of local businesses that fall within the secure area.

Government issued photo identification, such as a driver`s license, non-driver photo ID or passport will be required to gain access. As a precautionary measure, the underground metro would be closed in and around the Summit venue.

Further, US Coast Guard are being deployed on the water on April 12 and 13 when its units would begin operating an increased patrol schedule throughout the National Capital Region during the summit days.

"The Coast Guard`s initiatives are one of many layers of increased security during the NSS. The Coast Guard will continue to perform its standard missions of search, rescue and law enforcement in addition to their homeland security responsibilities," the statement said.

Further, an interagency airspace security plan will be implemented to provide secure airspace over the Washington.