Unrest slashing Arab economic growth: World Bank

Unrest in Middle East and N Africa is putting brakes on economic growth.

Updated: Apr 11, 2011, 13:56 PM IST

Washington: Unrest in the Middle East and
North Africa is putting the brakes on economic growth in the
region that had been expected to accelerate this year, the
World Bank has said.

Justin Lin, the World Bank`s chief economist, said that
research by the development lender`s economists showed that
economic output in the Middle East and North Africa, was
paying a heavy price for the recent wave of anti-regime

In its January economic forecasts, the World Bank
projected that the region, recovering from the 2009 global
downturn, would see gross domestic product (GDP) growth rise
from a 3.3 per cent rate in 2010 to a 4.3 per cent pace in

"Our estimates show that the impact on the countries,
like Egypt and Tunisia, can be a drop of about three
percentage point reduction" in their GDP growth, Lin told
reporters in a briefing on a new bank report on conflict and

"For the region, the Middle East and North African
countries, the impact can be about 2.4 percentage point," he