Upper-crust British PM David Cameron makes own bread

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 10:22

Manchester: British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted today he doesn`t know the price of a loaf of bread -- because he bakes his own.

British politicians are occasionally asked the price of basic household staples by the media to see how "in touch" they are with the rest of society, usually in a bid to trip them up.

Cameron, 46, who was educated at the elite Eton College and Oxford University, said he did not buy the cheapest sliced supermarket loaf as he used an electric breadmaker and flour made in his wealthy constituency in southern England.

"You get some of that, beautifully milled in the Cotswolds, you pop that in your breadmaker. You set the timer overnight so when you wake up there is this wonderful smell wafting through your kitchen," he told London`s LBC radio.

"It takes 30 seconds to put in the ingredients."

He said his three children "like my home-made bread".

The presenter told him that the cost of a loaf of value supermarket bread is around 47 pence (76 cents, 56 euro cents).

Cameron, whose wife Samantha is the daughter of a baronet, is at his Conservative Party`s annual conference in Manchester, northwest England, where he was due to make his keynote speech Wednesday.

His admission came after London mayor Boris Johnson -- who Cameron followed through Eton and Oxford -- admitted on BBC television he didn`t know the cost of a pint of milk.

Told it was around half what he had guessed, the Conservative mayor conceded: "Well there you go, I don`t know how much a pint of milk costs. So what?"


First Published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 10:22
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