US cleric warns attacks on Americans

Radical Islamic cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, in a new video has warned of new attacks on Americans.

Washington: US-born radical Islamic
cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, in a new video has warned of new
attacks against Americans home and abroad.

The White House immediately termed him as a
murderous thug.

"The (US) President will continue to take action
directly at terrorists like Awlaki and keep our country safe
from their murderous thugs," the White House Press Secretary
Robert Gibbs, told the CBS news in an interview soon after a
new video of Awlaki appeared.

We are actively trying to find him and many others
throughout the world that seek to do our country and to do our
interests great harm, Gibbs said.

"I think Awlaki is, despite telling the world he`s a
cleric, you see on a videotape that he supports al Qaeda`s
agenda of murder and violence," he added.

"In fact, in recent videotapes, he`s said he`s a
member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula who has an agenda
just like al Qaeda to strike targets in Yemen, throughout the
world, including here in the United States," Gibbs said.

In his latest video, produced by the media wing of al-
Qaeda, Awlaki praised Maj. Nidal Hasan, the US Army
psychiatrist charged in the November massacre at Fort Hood,
Texas, calling him "one of my students". The Islamic cleric is
believed to be hiding in Yemen.

"Oh, America, if you transgress against us, we will
transgress against you, and you keep killing our people, we
will kill your people," Awlaki said in the video.

"This is the image that we need to present. These
American soldiers heading to Afghanistan and Iraq will be
killed. We will kill them if we can, there in Fort Hood, or we
will kill them in Afghanistan and Iraq," he said.

The radical Islamic cleric claimed that he roams
freely in Yemen and the US can do no harm to him. "There is a
support among my tribesmen. Even though they know they are in
danger, they welcome me and greet me because they are
righteous people," he said.

"If the Americans want me, let them come and look for
me and God will protect me," he said.


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