US concerned about Iran`s refusal to engage constructively

Iran has refused to engage constructively with intl community on nuke issue.

Washington: The US has expressed concern over Iran`s continued refusal to engage constructively with the international community on the contentious nuclear issue.

"We are very concerned about Iran`s continued refusal to engage constructively with the P5-plus-1, to demonstrate through actions that its nuclear programme is peaceful," said John Brennan, the top counter-terrorism adviser to US President Barack Obama.

"We are continuing to move forward, applying pressure to Iran, to make sure that they`re able to see that it is in their own interest and to their benefit that they deal constructively with the international community on this very important issue," he said, adding that the US is very concerned about Iran`s continued activity in this area.

Brennan said that the US is encouraged by the international support for the sanctions regime. "We also, though, realise that in addition to maintaining that sanctions regime on Iran, that we need to stay focused on preventing Iran from having a nuclear capability.”

“That is what our engagement has been with regional players, with our allies in the region and in the international community. And we`ll continue to do that," he said.

Noting that the US is carefully looking at the issue, Brennan said the Obama administration is continuing to stay in very close dialogue with countries in the region, including Israel, on the status of Iran`s nuclear programme.

"We`ll continue to do so. But again, what we need to do is to make sure that we`re able to convince Iran, with the international community, that it needs to abide by its international obligations -- something that it has to date refused to do," he said.