US Congressmen applaud UNSC and Obama for Iran sanctions

US lawmakers on Wednesday applauded the UNSC for imposing fourth round of economic sanctions on Iran and congratulated President Barack Obama calling it his major diplomatic victory.

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2010, 23:38 PM IST

Washington: US lawmakers on Wednesday applauded
the UN Security Council for imposing fourth round of economic
sanctions on Iran and congratulated President Barack Obama
calling it his major diplomatic victory as he successfully
garnered the support of Russia and China on this issue.

"I applaud today`s United Nations Security Council
vote to significantly expand both the scale and scope of Iran
sanctions," said Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee.
"These measures give the Obama Administration and the
international community important new political and economic
tools to moderate Iran`s behavior and curtail its nuclear
weapons ambitions," he said.

President Obama helped lay the groundwork for today`s
Security Council resolution through his outreach to the
Iranian people and its leaders, Kerry said.

"His efforts to find a diplomatic solution to Iran`s
nuclear program demonstrate the United States` commitment to
multilateralism and increased international cooperation.

The vote today is tangible evidence of growing
international consensus on this matter," he noted.

Congressman Howard L Berman, chairman of the House
Foreign Affairs Committee, said the passage of a new Iran
sanctions resolution is a significant diplomatic triumph for
the Obama Administration, and particularly Susan Rice, the US
Ambassador to the United Nations.
"The resolution is a powerful statement of opposition
by the international community to Iran`s ongoing nuclear
weapons program and a critical step in strengthening the
multilateral sanctions regime intended to persuade Iran to
suspend that program," Berman said.

"We now look to the European Union and other key
nations that share our deep concern about Iran`s nuclear
intentions to build on the Security Council resolution by
imposing tougher national measures that will deepen Iran`s
isolation and, hopefully, bring the Iranian leadership to its
senses," he said.

However, Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Ranking
Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, termed it
as a weak resolution.

"This resolution, full of loopholes, will not stop
Iran`s march towards nuclear weapons or influence the regime`s
behavior in any way. That the US put all our eggs in the UN
basket - and got this goose-egg in return - is a disaster,"
she said.

Like its predecessors, this resolution has no means of
effective enforcement. It implicitly discourages nations from
taking further action. And it doesn`t even prohibit Russia
from selling S-300 missiles to Iran, Ros-Lehtinen said.