US designates Chechen militant a terrorist

The United States designated a Chechen militant leader sought by Russia as a terrorist.

Washington: The United States designated
a Chechen militant leader sought by Russia as a terrorist.
The move by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
yesterday on the eve of a visit to Washington by Russian
President Dmitry Medvedev would block the assets of Doku
Umarov and sanction any individual or company doing business
with him.

Umarov has taken responsibility for numerous terrorist
attacks including the Moscow subway bombings in March that
killed dozens.
The State Department`s Coordinator for
Counter-terrorism Daniel Benjamin said yesterday that the
United States would take other unspecified action against
Umarov. He said: "We stand in solidarity with the Russian
people in our condemnation of these deplorable terrorist

Russia hails US decision to put Chechen terror watch list

Russia today hailed the US State
Department`s notification to put notorious al-Qaeda backed
Chechen warlord Doku Umarov known as `Emir of the Caucasus` on
the list of most-wanted terrorists.

"We consider this move of the US side as an important
acknowledgement that the threat of international terrorism,
faced by Russia, the United States and many other countries,
is common and indivisible," the Russian Foreign Ministry said
in a statement today.

Umarov, the al-Qaeda backed self-styled Emir of the
Caucasus," has claimed responsibility for the two recent
shocking terrorist attacks, the Nevsky Express train bombing
and the March 29 suicide attacks in the Moscow Metro.

The high-speed Nevsky Express train en route from
Moscow to St. Petersburg derailed on November 27, 2009,
killing 28 people and injuring over 90 after a bomb equivalent
to 7 kg of TNT detonated on the track.

In the twin suicide bomb attack on Moscow metro
stations by female attackers during the morning rush hours 40
people were killed and over 100 injured.

Although at several times in the past the FSB
security had claimed to have eliminated Umarov, he threatened
to shift the terror war to mainland Russia.

"The decision of the US authorities is a direct
result of the recent strengthening in the anti-terrorism
partnership between our countries.

It demonstrates the strong will of the Russian and US
leaders to work together in combating the global challenge of
terrorism," the Russian statement said as President Dmitry
Medvedev began his White House talks with the US President
Barack Obama.

The list of international terrorists (Presidential
Executive Order 13224) was signed on September 23, 2001, by
then US President George Bush.

The 116-page allows the imposition of sanctions on
anyone listed, government-run RIA Novosti noted.

Pro-Moscow Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov and the
Russian National Anti-Terrorist Committee have also welcomed
the decision.

"This is proof that the US has finally realised that
Umarov has nothing to do with politics or with Chechen
people," Kadyrov said in a statement.

According to Moscow-based Biznes FM radio inclusion
of Umarov on the US list of terrorists would give the CIA a
freer hand in the anti-terror activities in the Caucasus.


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