US does not fear peaceful rise of China: Hillary

The US does not begrudge a peaceful rise of China but wants the rapidly growing country to follow fair economic practices.

Updated: Dec 15, 2011, 12:01 PM IST

Washington: The US does not begrudge a
peaceful rise of China but wants the rapidly growing country
to follow fair economic practices, including respecting
intellectual property rights.

Hillary Clinton said the Obama administration is very clear that
it wants a "positive relationship with China" as its
remarkable growth story is also in the interests of America.

"We do not begrudge or fear a peaceful rise of China...
We think that that is in the interests of the Chinese people,
We also think that it`s in our interests as well. I mean, we
want to have a positive relationship," Hillary Clinton told the PBS
News in an interview.

While she described the relationship with China as
positive, cooperative and comprehensive one, Hillary Clinton also said
that this does not mean the two nations were not competitors
in the fields of economics and political influence.

"That kind of goes with the territory. We compete with
countries all over the world on a range of issues," she said.

However, Hillary Clinton criticised China for not respecting
intellectual property.

"When China was opening up, they were very welcoming and
American businesses took advantage of that... Well now,
they`re trying to say to themselves, okay, we want to do this
ourselves now.... We see the shortcuts being taken. And it`s
deeply distressing," she added.

Hillary Clinton said China has developed a strong economic engine
for growth that is not only benefiting the Chinese people, but
also having quite dramatic effects elsewhere in the world.

"I mean, their hunt for natural resources is almost
inexhaustible because of their population and the rising
expectations of their people. There are ways to do it that
will be sustainable and ways to do it that are not," she said.

"So we engage with the Chinese as we do with others
around the world on - you know, there are mining practices
that will not have damaging environmental effects, and there
are those that do. And so let`s work together in the global
community to try to be more responsible," she said.

The top US diplomat said the Obama Administration has
been working with China on a vast array of subjects that do
not break into the headlines, but are advancing science and
technology cooperation, augmenting student exchange and
increasing visas that US offers dramatically.

"We have increased, just in the last year, by 32 per
cent. We`re hiring 100 more visa adjudicators because we want
to have those relationships on and on and on," she said.