US elections: Clinton blasts Romney in Iowa op-ed

Former US President Bill Clinton`s editorial in Iowa’s largest newspaper appealed to people to vote for President Barack Obama and blasted Mitt Romney`s tactics

Washington: Former US President Bill Clinton has written an editorial published in Iowa’s largest newspaper making a final appeal to people to vote for President Barack Obama with just a couple days left until polls close on November 6.

In the editorial in Des Moines Register, Clinton warned that choosing Republican nominee Mitt Romney would undo the Democrat’s work on the economy, taxes, education, health care and national security.

He supported the ‘case’ for Obama’s second term with point-by-point takedown of Romney’s policies.

“Which presidential candidate is more likely to restore prosperity for the middle class and give poor people a chance to work their way into it? To build a 21st century American economy which creates the jobs of tomorrow, reduces our debt and maintains our leadership in the world? To keep leading our country forward to a more perfect union, when there are so many forces working to divide us? Politico quoted Clinton, as stating in the editorial.

Clinton wrote that Romney has said the economy is not fixed and if he is elected it will produce 12 million jobs in the next four years.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but that’s exactly how many new jobs independent business forecaster Moody’s Analytics said will be created if we don’t mess up what the president already has done, the report said.

“Romney also said that because the debt is a terrible problem, he will cut taxes for everybody by 5 trillion dollars, increase defense spending 2 trillion dollars more than the military has asked for, and tell you how he will pay for it after the election,” Clinton wrote.


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