US: Gurdwara shooter’s family "devastated"

Family of the slain gunman involved in the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting have expressed regret.

Updated: Aug 08, 2012, 11:04 AM IST

Washington: Family of the slain gunman involved in the Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting, have expressed regret, saying they are "devastated" and urged their privacy be respected.

"As the family of Wade Page, we are devastated by the horrific events that occurred Sunday in Oak Creek Wisconsin," the family said in a statement.

"While there can be no words of comfort that will make sense of what happened that day, please be aware that our thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims and their families," the statement said.

"We share in their grief for all who lost their lives that day and for those survivors, we hope for a speedy recovery," the family said adding that they have been and will be cooperating and with this investigation.

"Please respect our privacy as we try to deal with the tragic loss of life and family," the family statement said.

Page`s grandmother, Elaine Lenz, who lives in Denver, in an interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, expressed her sorry for the incident.

"I`m sorry he has caused so much trouble," she said, adding that Page had sent her a dozen roses two weeks ago, "just to tell me he loved me”.

In another interview to the Journal, Laura Page, the step mother of the alleged gunman, said that her stepson was "kind and gentle and loving" during his childhood.

"Where he changed and where this came from, we have no idea," Page told the newspaper from her home in Denver.

Page was 10 when the couple married and his birth mother died from lupus three years later.

Page`s mother, Beverly Van Buskirk, died in 1985, the Denver Post reported.

"He was devastated," Laura Page told the Journal Sentinel.

Laura Page and Jesse Alvin Page divorced in 2001, but she spoke with Page`s father after Sunday’s killings.

His father said he had tried calling his son about three weeks ago, but never received a return call, the Fox news reported. After Page left the Army, he became heavily immersed in the hate rock music scene, joining several bands with names such as Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, and Blue Eyed Devils.

In 2005, he formed his own band, End Apathy, Stripes said. According to Stripes, Page`s life started to deteriorate in August 2010 when he was fired from his trucking job after he was arrested for driving his personal vehicle under the influence in North Carolina.

During the last few years, it appears that he was not in a good economic condition. Since he could not afford the house he bought in 2007, it was foreclosed.

It is now listed for sale for nearly USD 50,000 less than what Page purchased it for.