US: Hate messages found in Jewish enclave

New York City Mayor said there`s no place for hate in the freest city in the freest country in the world.

Updated: Nov 12, 2011, 23:37 PM IST

New York: Authorities say vandals torched three cars and scrawled Nazi swastikas and other hate messages on benches in a Jewish neighbourhood in New York City, infuriating residents and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The attack happened early Saturday in Brooklyn`s Midwood section. Residents woke up at 5:30 am to find the cars engulfed in flames. Someone spray painted the letters "KKK" on a van, and other messages targeting Jews were on the sidewalk.

The act has brought swift condemnation from city officials. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says there`s no place for hate in "the freest city in the freest country in the world”.
Residents of the neighbourhood tell local newspapers that they were outraged. One witness says she saw a group of laughing kids fleeing the scene.

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