US: Hearing of Pak cab driver for links to Qaeda adjourned

Raja Lahrasib Khan is accused of aiding top Qaeda commander by sending money.

Chicago: The court hearing of Raja Lahrasib Khan, the Pakistani origin Chicago cab driver accused of aiding top al Qaeda commander, Ilyas Kashmiri, by sending money, was adjourned here on Thursday.

"The US Marshall Service that was to have escorted Khan, a Pakistani-American, to the Dirksen Federal Courthouse was having a problem and so Khan could not be present for the hearing," Khan`s attorney Thomas Durkin said.

He said it is the end of Ramadan and Khan preferred not to be here today (Thursday) so it coincided with his desire.

“The court was adjourned here today and will meet on October 12.”

"The government is attempting to determine what portion of the classified elements will be declassified or whether they will have to file a motion under the Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA)," Durkin said.

Classified evidence is declassified to present it as a regular evidence.

"Judge James Zagel wants to discuss the case further on October 12," Durkin said, adding "Because of the inordinate delay, we are going to file a motion to have him (Khan) released on bond".

"The government wants to detain Khan but we are hopeful that the judge will release him on bail," Durkin added.

An affidavit accompanying a criminal complaint filed earlier said 57 year-old Chicago cab driver had sent USD 950 on November 23, 2009, to an individual in Pakistan for delivery to Ilyas Kashmiri, a terrorist leader Khan claimed to have known for 15 years.


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