US hiker’s breasts ‘too hot’ for Iranian website

Mashregh News blurred Sarah Shourd`s breasts and arms in pics because it considered her white top as un-Islamic.

Baghdad: Hardline Iranian website, Mashregh News, had blurred the photographs of a recently freed US hiker Sarah Shourd over concerns that her white top might offend Muslims.

Mashregh News blurred Sarah’s breasts and arms in the photographs because it considered her white top as un-Islamic and inappropriate, the Daily Mail reports.

The website has posted pictures of Shourd with fellow hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, after they were released from Iran.

Fattal, Bauer and Sarah Shourd were arrested in Iran on July 31, 2009, for illegally entering Iran`s western border and were later charged with espionage.

The website also blurred out a picture of Shourd and her fiancé Bauer kissing after being reunited.

Several other Iranian websites followed suit, posting burred pictures of the trio during press conference.

Iran media edits photographs, which it considers inappropriate.

It had earlier blurred European Union foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton’s neckline in photographs showing her meeting an Iranian official.


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