US intensifies efforts in call for Iran sanctions

Hillary Clinton made calls to a number of world leaders over weekend as Obama Admin intensified its effort to get UNSC slap fresh sanctions against Iran as soon as possible.

Washington: Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton made calls to a number of world leaders over the
weekend as the Obama Administration intensified its effort to
get the UN Security Council slapped fresh sanctions against
Iran as soon as possible.

"The (US) President wants this done as rapidly as
possible. We all do," the Assistant Secretary of State for
Public Affairs, P J Crowley, told reporters.

At present, the US is leading negotiations with the
members of the Security Council on this issue in New York.

"There are meetings still going on in New York, and we
want to see this wrapped up quickly. (There has) been a great
deal of global engagement. The Secretary (of State) had a
number of calls over the weekend to world leaders," Crowley

"So we are actively engaged with a wide range of
countries to seek a strong sanctions resolution as quickly as
we can get it done," he said in response to a question.

"We are actively engaged in New York in a variety of
different groupings to reach a conclusion on the particulars
of a resolution, and we want to get this done as soon as
possible," he added.

Responding to a question, Crowley said Iran needs to
come forward and answer the questions the international
community has about its nuclear programme.

"We envisioned the Tehran research reactor proposal
as a useful step to build some confidence to show that Iran
was willing to engage seriously. They have not," he said.

"They have not formally come back to the IAEA with
any kind of response on the proposal," he said when asked
about the meeting between the Iranian Foreign Minister and the

"The proposal that was made last fall would need to be
updated in light of the fact that Iran has been processing
additional fuel since September.

But if they wish to engage seriously on this
arrangement, which we think is in Iran`s interest and
potentially can be an important step, we`re all ears," Crowley

"But Iran has had many months to come forward and has
failed to seriously address the issue that was put on the
table last fall," he said.


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