US is "enemy of Jews": Likud Party members
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Last Updated: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 17:34
Jerusalem: Members of ruling right wing Likud Party in Israel have described the US as "enemy of Jews" as it rapped Prime Minister Benjamin Netantyahu for agreeing to a ten-month moratorium on construction activities in the West Bank under pressure from Obama administration.

The first salvo against President Barack Obama was fired by Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat who branded his administration "horrible", but it was followed by an event attended by some 200 party activists under the banner, "real Likudniks (Likud party members) do not surrender", including party lawmakers and ministers.

"The Obama administration is an enemy of the Jews and the worst regime there ever was for the State of Israel," said Yossi Naim, the head of the Beit Aryeh regional council, at the meeting held in the northern town of Ra'nana.

"I announce to Obama, you won't be able to stop us," Naim stressed. The mayor of the West Bank settlement of Ariel, Ron Nahman, called Netanyahu's announcement of the settlement freeze a "disgrace".

Referring to Livnat's comments, Nahman said, "I am proud and happy that you said what you said, because you had the public courage to say what most of the public feels ever since Obama came to power.

Obama wouldn't have dared do what Netanyahu is doing here, because in the US, they have a constitution, and not prostitution.

He repeatedly referred to the US leader as "Hussein Obama", omitting his first name. Likud lawmaker, Danny Danon, who organised the event, told the crowd that he is collecting signatures of the party's central committee members to force a discussion on the issue.

"The Prime Minister should have told the Americans that on Judea and Samaria, he would not surrender," Danon said. "We are starting a campaign to put the brakes on what Netanyahu is trying to do. "We will be attacked for this and it won't be easy, but we, the silent majority of the Likud, will struggle and succeed," he added.

Environmental Protection Minister from the ruling party, Gilad Erdan, blamed Defence Minister Ehud Barak for promoting the moratorium for his "own private political agenda".

"The defence minister is not so innocent, he has a political agenda. Tonight there is a Labour Party meeting," Erdan told Likud members today.

"We as the Likud must not send the (West Bank) regional council heads out alone to contend with the Civil Administration, which does not even possess the resources to handle appeals against the freeze plan," he asserted.

Erdan, who is opposed to the construction moratorium, added, "I don't have the authority to stop it."

Netanyahu has distanced himself from the comments made by his party activists and local media reports quoted his advisers as saying that he will not allow the Likud central committee to convene to debate his decision to freeze construction in the West Bank.


First Published: Sunday, November 29, 2009, 17:34

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