US, Israel test fire Arrow anti-missile system

The Arrow is a project developed in cooperation by the IAI and Boeing.

Jerusalem: Israel and the US successfully
tested Arrow anti-missile system, in which India has also
evinced interest, off the coast of California.

The jointly developed Arrow 2 ballistic missile
defence system successfully detected, intercepted and
destroyed a target simulating an Iranian ballistic missile.

It was the eighteenth test of the Arrow, and the
second in which the modified Arrow 2 was tested in its
entirety, along with the Green Pine radar manufactured by
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The test was conducted jointly by the Israel Air
Force, the Israeli Defence Ministry`s Homa Missile Defence
Agency and the US Missile Defence Agency.

The Arrow is a project developed in cooperation by the
IAI and Boeing.

The Arrow interceptor was launched at around 10:30 pm
Pacific Standard Time from a US Navy base along the California
coast and intercepted a missile fired from a nearby navy
vessel, defence sources said.

The Green Pine Radar, an integral part of the Arrow
missile defence system, detected the `enemy missile`, and
after identifying it related the information to the Arrow
battery which launched the missile interceptor.

Arieh Herzog, head of the Homa Missile Defense Agency,
told The Jerusalem Post that the Arrow system worked as
designed and completely destroyed the target.

"This test is important for Israel as it prepares to
counter the ballistic missile threat in the region," Herzog
said, adding, "this test proves the success of the system
after it underwent new upgrades."

Israel`s Defence Minister Ehud Barak called the test
an important milestone in the Israel`s development of missile
defence systems.