US, Japan view China as `thorn`: Daily

The US and Japan view China as "a thorn" and some in the two countries favour containing Beijing.

Beijing: The US and Japan view China as "a thorn" and some in the two countries favour containing Beijing, the China Daily said in a commentary on Thursday.

"It is not hard to see that the two allies view China as a thorn in their sides," the newspaper said.

"The US and Japan are concerned about China`s economic, political and military clout, to the extent that some in the US and Japan favour containing China," it added.

The commentary came two days after the Japanese defence and foreign ministers released a joint statement with US Defence Secretary Robert Gates and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urging China to play "a responsible and constructive role in regional stability and prosperity".

They asked China to adhere to international norms of behaviour. The US guaranteed Japan`s security. The two countries pledged to seek to enhance their capability to address a variety of contingencies.

They also vowed to strengthen security and defence cooperation with Australia and South Korea and to promote trilateral dialogue between the US, Japan and India.

The commentary noted Gates` view that the US military presence in the Pacific was essential to restrain Chinese assertiveness.

"Although China is its biggest trade partner, Japan is nervous about the rise of its neighbour," the daily said.

"However, although the US and Japan call for confidence building measures, they are doing just the opposite."

It added that when the US and Japan strengthen their alliance, other countries have reason to strengthen their own military capability.

"Clearly the future interactions between the US, Japan and China will shape the strategic map of Northeast Asia. Cooperation rather than confrontation will be better for all.”

"The US and Japan have already benefited from China`s economic growth and its contributions to regional and global issues.”

"The three countries need to create a situation where they can cooperate and coexist and avoid the tragedy of a competition for power."



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