US journalist Steven Sotloff killing: Islamic State will be destroyed, vows Obama

Shortly after the US confirmed the authenticity of horrific video showing the beheading of second American journalist, President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that “justice will be served”.


Tallinn: A day after the horrific video showing the beheading of second American journalist Steven Soltoff surfaced, President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that the videos will not intimidate Americans.

He further said that “justice will be served”.

The statement of the US President comes shortly after the authenticity of the video was verified.

Meanwhile, the Israel confirmed today that Soltoff was a dual American-Israeli citizen.

The gruesome video titled “A Second Message to America” reportedly shows the IS militant warning Britain and other governments to not enter into “this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State.”

31-year-old Sotloff is the second journalist to be murdered in Syria by Islamic militants in the last two weeks. The militants had earlier beheaded another US journalist James Foley in the same manner.

The chilling video shows Sotloff sitting on his knees wearing an orange jumpsuit with his hands tied behind his back, just like Foley, while a British-accented IS militant is seen standing next to him covered in black clothes with a knife in his hand.

In an apparently pre-written statement, Sotloff is seen saying, “Obama, your foreign policy of intervention Iraq was supposed to be for the preservation of American lives and interests. So, why is it, that I am having to pay the price for your interference with my life?”

The video then shows the executioner condemning the air strikes in Iraq before beheading Sotloff and and saying, “Your air strikes continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”

US State Department spokesperson said that if the video is genuine then, “we are sickened by this brutal act.” She further paid condolences to Sotloff's family.

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