US judge agrees to grant asylum to ex-Israeli spy

The US govt had denied Mosab Hassan Yousef`s request for asylum in Feb 2009.

San Diego: A US immigration judge in San Diego has agreed to grant asylum to the son of a Hamas founder who spied for Israel.

A deportation hearing on Wednesday for 32-year-old Mosab Hassan Yousef lasted only 15 minutes. The judge ruled that Yousef can stay in the US after he passes a routine background check.

The government denied his request for asylum in February 2009, ruling that he posed a terrorist threat.

A US Department of Homeland Security attorney says she is dropping objections to asylum. Kerri Calcador gave no explanation for the government`s change of heart.

Yousef, who spied for Israel for a decade and converted to Christianity, has been living in San Diego.

Yousef told reporters that he hopes to become a US citizen.