US needs to stand up to China: Donald Trump

When dealing with China we need to stand up to them and remind them that it's bad business to take advantage of your best customer, said Trump.

Washington: Slamming US President Barack Obama's foreign policy, leading Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump has said there is too much talking going on and the US now needs to "stand up" to China.

"My point is that right now we're doing too much talking. When dealing with China we need to stand up to them and remind them that it's bad business to take advantage of your best customer," Trump said in his latest book 'Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again' that hit the stores?today.

"And then we should sit down and figure out how to make this a more equitable relationship. There is no one-size-fits- all foreign policy. We need to make our beliefs very clear and let them form the framework of our policy," he said.

"Everything begins with a strong military. Everything. We will have the strongest military in our history, and our people will be equipped with the best weaponry and protection available. Period," Trump said in his book.

Describing himself as a realist, a competitor, Trump said when he is working on a business deal, he makes the best deal.

"But we should be changing the business climate so that manufacturers can get the best deal right here in the US. Right now it doesn't work that way. We need legislation that gives American companies the tax priorities and financial support to create more of their technology and to redirect more of their manufacturing here at home," Trump said.

"We must stop certain countries from devaluing their currency at the drop of a hat," he said in an apparent reference to China.

"We're the home team, and we should come first. So how do we get back the jobs we've lost to other countries? Answer: Start by negotiating better trade agreements with our 'friendly' partners. We have to bring jobs back from places like China, Japan, and Mexico. We have to stand up and be tough," Trump said.

"In too many ways we're giving away the greatest market in the world -- the American consumer," he said.

In his book, Trump refers to how things move fast in China.

"We can't build schools in our own communities. I've been to China numerous times, and everywhere you look there are cranes reaching toward the sky. The Chinese build new cities over there in about 12 minutes, while we take years to get the permits to add a dormer window to our own homes," he said. 

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