‘US not to settle for 2nd place in world dominated by India, China’

US won`t settle for a second place in a world where India and China are pacing ahead, Obama has said.

Washington: The US would not settle for a
second place in a world where countries like India and China
are pacing ahead, trying to out-compete America in jobs, clean
energy and education, President Barack Obama has said.

"Right now, countries like China and India and South
Korea and Germany, they are fighting as hard as they can for
the jobs of the future," Obama said in his remarks at a
luncheon for Senator Patty Murray in Seattle.
"They`re trying to out-compete us when it comes to
clean energy. They`re trying to out-compete us when it comes
to producing engineers and scientists. And frankly, in some
cases, they`ve been catching up and even propelling forward
ahead of us," he said.

He said the US will rebuild its economy stronger than
ever before with the slogan `Made In America` at the root of
the rebuilding efforts.

"The United States does not play for second place. We
play for first," Obama said amidst a round of applause.

He said instead of giving tax breaks to companies
that are shipping jobs overseas, his government would like to
cut taxes for companies that create jobs in the US.

"We want to give tax cuts to small business owners.
We want to give tax breaks to clean energy companies," he
The President said instead of prolonging an addiction
to oil, the country would jumpstart a homegrown energy

"I don`t want to see solar panels and wind turbines
and advanced batteries and electric cars manufactured in
Europe or Asia. I want to see them made right here in the
United States of America, by American workers," he said.

The United States needs 21st century infrastructure --
not just roads and bridges, but faster Internet access and
high-speed rail -- projects that can lead to hundreds of
thousands of new, private sector jobs, he argued.


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