US officials unhappy over ISI support to Haqqanis: Report

US officials are unhappy over ISI support to Haqqani network to counter India`s presence.

New York: Top US officials are unhappy over
some ISI elements continuing to support the Haqqani network to
counter India`s presence in the region, amid fears that
Pakistani military is "unable or unwilling" to act against
Taliban and al Qaeda in the restive tribal belt.

The US campaign against Taliban and al Qaeda militants in
Pakistan`s restive tribal region bordering Afghanistan is
being beefed up by CIA, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It said US officials are also unhappy that some elements
of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) continue to
support the Haqqanis to counter India`s presence in the
region, and have not dismantled the group.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is using aerial
drones and weaponry being diverted by the US military from
Afghanistan to step up its anti-terrorism operations in
Pakistan, the report said.

"The shift in strategic focus reflects the US view
that, with Pakistan`s military unable or unwilling to do the
job, more US force against terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan
is now needed to turn around the struggling Afghan war effort
across the border," the Journal said.

Pakistan`s inability to act against the militants on
its own soil leaves a gap that Americans need to fill,
according to a former senior intelligence official.

The Pakistani military is tapped out, the former official
said, adding "They`ve gone as far as they can go."

The US military has reportedly loaned Predator and Reaper
drones to the CIA, which allowed the intelligence agency to
escalate the number of strikes in September, the report said,
adding that agency averaged five strikes a week in September,
up from an average of two to three per week.

The report said the Pentagon and CIA have ramped up
their purchases of drones, but the demand still outweighed the

The campaign escalated in the wake of intelligence
reports that the world`s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden
and senior al Qaeda operatives were plotting to attack a
European country -- Britain, France or Germany.

The Journal further said that US officials were
speaking about unilateral action inside Pakistan if a
terrorist attack hatched inside the country was actually

The secret deal to increase the campaign against
Pakistan is indicative that the US sees the tribal regions on
the Af-Pak border as a source of many of the attacks being
plotted and executed against US and NATO troops.



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