US recruiting young cyber warriors

The United States is looking for the next generation of cyber warriors.

Washington: The United States is looking for
the next generation of cyber warriors.

The US Cyber Challenge Cyber Foundations competition,
kicked off this week by the nonprofit Center for Internet
Security, is out to find 10,000 students with the potential to
become "top guns in cybersecurity."

"The need to find creative solutions to protecting our
information systems and digital infrastructure has never been
greater," said center chief executive William Pelgrin.

"The Cyber Foundations competition will help us tap into
the tremendous talent across our nation`s schools to identify
those with a passion for security and a desire to put their
skills to good use," he continued.

The competition consists of a series of timed quizzes to
test high school students in computer science categories
considered key to protecting networks and systems.

Top-scoring students will get status, prizes, and
introductions to government or industry leaders.

The Cyber Challenge program is design to nurture students
with advanced education and exercises and connect them with
colleges or employers.

Students have until February 18 to register, with details
available online at

"In order to address the ever-increasing cyber security
challenges facing our interconnected society, we must focus on
the next generation of Americans to make sure they have the
skills necessary to defend our country," said US Senator
Thomas Carper, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security

"We must act now to develop a competent workforce that
can support the needs of securing our cyber networks, which is
quickly becoming a national priority," added Rhode Island
Congressman Jim Langevin in a statement of support for the


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