US Senate confirms James Clapper as US spy chief

James Clapper would now oversee 16 agencies that make up US intel community.

Washington: President Barack Obama`s nominee Lt Gen (retd) James Clapper was on Thursday unanimously confirmed by the US Senate to take over the post of Director of America`s National Intelligence.

As the director, Clapper would oversee the 16 agencies that make up the US intelligence community, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

The retired three-star Air Force General, Clapper replaces Dennis Blair, who was fired by President Obama, apparently in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bombing of a North West Airplane.

Clapper, who has spent more than 40 years in public service, including a 32-year Air Force career and senior Intelligence Community leadership positions, would be the fourth individual to hold this position that was created post 9/11 to co-ordinate between different intelligence agencies.

"General Clapper has 46 years in the intelligence field, and he is as qualified and prepared to be director of national intelligence as anyone serving in the federal government today," said Senator Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate intelligence committee.

Clapper has also served as the Undersecretary of Defence for Intelligence, top intelligence post at the Pentagon.


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