US spl forces mount campaign to degrade Haqqani network

US special forces have mounted a major campaign in eastern Afghanistan to degrade Haqqani network.

Washington: US special forces have mounted a
major campaign in eastern Afghanistan to degrade Haqqani
network and a top US commander has asked Pakistani Army to put
pressure on them to ensure that these fighters don`t take
shelter in their safe havens in tribal areas of Waziristan.

Giving out the details of the campaign for the first
time, David Petraeus, commander of the US and NATO forces in
Afghanistan told the ABC News that special forces had recently
carried out raids against the Haqqani network in eastern
Afghanistan killing as many as 31 fighters including some top
commanders of the outfit.

"Our forces found out that these fighters were trying to
get back to Pakistan", he said adding "it`s very important,
obviously, that additional pressure be put on them from
Pakistan Army".

The General`s remark came as US drones, apparently
operating from Pakistan have subjected Al Qaeda and Taliban
hideouts in Waziristan to an unprecedented relentless missile
attacks for the past fortnight killing as many as 70 Taliban
fighters, mostly from the Haqqani faction.

Sophisticated predator drones have unleashed missile
attacks in the lawless tribal region on the Afghan border
making it the most intense period of US strikes in Pakistan
since they began in 2004, intelligence officials said.

US officials said the special forces operations in
Afghanistan and missile attacks by drones were a coordinated
move designed to degrade the Haqqani operations.

Pointing out that Haqqani network fighters have recently
targeted US bases in Bagram, just outside Kabul, and
Jalalabad, the top US Commander said that the Haqqani group
had also "radicalised" and trained Punjabi element of the


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