US student designs `drone-proof city`

A law student in the US has made a novel design for a drone-proof city.

Updated: Feb 13, 2013, 14:19 PM IST

London: A law student in the US has made a novel design for a drone-proof city.
Asher Kohn, 25, designed the Shura City, as a class project, which is an attempt to use architecture to counter surveillance and targeted attacks by the remote-controlled aircraft.

The provocative design uses a range of tricks to confuse the drones and keep the city`s inhabitants concealed, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the report, the UK`s Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that a minimum of 2,629 people have so far been killed by drone strikes in Pakistan alone, with many more in other countries like Yemen and Somalia.

Kohn, who is currently based in the Netherlands, came up with the idea for his drone-proof city for a class on `Extreme Architecture` he was taking at the Sam Fox School of Design in St Louis, Missouri.

In the paper, Kohn wrote that `architecture against drones is not just a science-fiction scenario but a contemporary imperative`.

He added that such creations are not needed for the John Connors but for the Abdurahman al-Awlakis.

The project is ringed by minarets and built from concrete, which drone sensors cannot penetrate into, its layout would be specifically designed to confuse from the outside, foiling the airborne watchers` ability to dish out targeted death from above, the report said.

Windows of the city would be made from multi-coloured blocks of glass, to further foil drones` attempts to get a fix on to their targets.

Kohn said that the changing colours would make it more difficult for electronic cameras to peer in and make out one person from the next without hints of skin tone or clothing colour, it added.
According to the report, at the head of Shura City would be a roof, as a physical barrier to prevent drones coming too close, but criss-crossed with lines to break up the profile of the buildings below.

Making the city a closed environment would also allow it to be climate controlled, in such a way that heat-seeking cameras would be ineffective at picking out the inhabitants outside, the report said.

He concluded that `shura City is about using architecture to create a space for humanity in an increasingly inhuman sphere,` the report added.