US wants all UN members to implement sanctions on Iran

US has pressed for a united global response that will make Iran pay a price.

Washington: The US on Thursday said it expects all UN members to aggressively implement the Security Council resolution for slapping fresh sanctions on Iran and pressed for a united international response that will make Tehran "pay a price".

The US believes these sanctions will have an impact on Iran over time, as the resolution is tailored to changing the country`s behaviour, State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said.

The UNSC has approved a resolution for imposing a fresh round of sanctions on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme.

"We are looking for a strong, united international response to make it clear to Iran that it will pay a price for its current course and that it should - based on this pressure, that it will begin to feel - very quickly change course," Crowley told reporters at his daily news conference.

"We expect every country to aggressively implement Resolution 1929, and we look for the same kind of performance with (Security Council Resolution No) 1929 that we`ve seen over the past year with Resolution 1874.”

"We expect it will have an impact on Iran over time and we expect every nation to carry out its responsibility," he said.

Crowley said the Security Council resolution in this regard provides a framework for addressing proliferation concerns and highlights the fact that specific action can be initiated in a variety of sectors.

The sanctions impose restrictions on conventional weapons, missile technology, nuclear technology and also focuses on banking and financial sector.

He said a number of countries can now look at what can be done bilaterally, unilaterally.

The US administration, he said, is in conversation with the Congress on some pending legislation on steps that can be taken.

"I think the EU will have a council meeting in the next - in about the middle of this month, and they`ll be looking at particular steps that they can take in light of Resolution 1929," he said.

The State Department spokesman said the intent of the resolution is not to shut down Iran but to change Iranian policy and change Iranian behaviour.

"So this is a resolution that is tailored to not only address the specific interests of government, but also focus on those institutions that support the Iranian Government and Iranian policies," he said.
Crowley said in imposing sanctions, the intent was to bring Iran come back to the table to negotiate in good faith and not to add to the misery of the Iranian people.

"So if Iran continues its irresponsible behaviour or if it goes from bad to worse, we will take note of that," he said.

"But what we`re trying to do here is not push Iran away from the IAEA, we`re actually trying to help Iran recognise where its own self-interest is, come to the table at the IAEA, engage directly with the IAEA, indicate it`s willing to engage directly with the P-5+1, and once and for all answer the questions that we`ve had for several years about the true nature of Iran`s nuclear programs," Crowley said.


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