US warship in Black Sea irks Russia

Russia expressed its displeasure and concern over the arrival of a US warship in the Black Sea.

Moscow: Russia on Sunday expressed its
displeasure and concern over the arrival of a US warship in
the Black Sea to take part in naval exercises with Ukraine,
saying the move once again raised concern about America`s plan
to deploy missile shield in Europe .

In a statement issued the Russian Foreign
Ministry has objected to the entry of USS Monterrey guided
missile cruiser armed with AEGIS missile shield for joint Sea
Breeze 2011 war games with Ukraine.

"We have to state that our concerns continue to be
ignored and under the guise of talks on European missile
shield cooperation, efforts are under way to build the missile
shield configuration whose consequences are dangerous and
about which we have several times informed our US and NATO
partners," the statement said.

Moscow is resisting the deployment of the US
missile shield in Europe, which will eventually kill its
nuclear deterrence and second strike capability.

"While leaving aside the unsettled issue of a
possible European missile shield architecture, Russia would
like to know, in compliance with the Russia-NATO Lisbon summit
decisions, what `aggravation` the US command meant by moving
the basic strike unit of the regional missile defence grouping
being formed by NATO in the region, from the Mediterranean to
the east," it said.

Incidentally the visit of the US Warship coincided
with Russia`s national day being celebrated today.

Twenty years ago this day Russia had elected its
first ever President Boris Yeltsin by direct vote.

Yeltsin and his successors Vladimir Putin and
Dmitry Medvedev`s policies of appeasing the West for closer
economic and technological cooperation have failed to yield
desired results and Medvedev recently cautioned about the
resumption of Cold War if Moscow`s security concerns over the
planned European missile shield were not addressed.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry USS
Monterrey was sent to European waters as part of the Obama
administration`s phased adaptive approach to building the
European segment of the global missile shield.

In the first stage a group of US warships with
elements of missile shield would be stationed in the Adriatic,
Aegean and Mediterranean seas to protect South Europe from
possible missile strikes and could move in to the Black Sea in
case of aggravation of situation.