US will keep up pressure on Iran: White House

The United States will continue to keep up pressure on Iran so that it abandons its effort to pursue nuclear weapons.

Washington: The United States will continue
to build up international pressure on Iran and isolate it
further so that Tehran abandons its effort to pursue nuclear
weapons, a top Obama Administration official said.

"We will keep up that pressure, and we will keep up the
effort to work with our allies and partners to further isolate
Iran, even as we make clear that there is a solution, and
that is for Iran to get right with the international
community; that is for Iran to abandon efforts to pursue
nuclear weapons," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

"That`s the path forward for Iran. We will continue the
effort to isolate and pressure Iran, working with our
international partners going forward. We think it`s been
effective," Carney told reporters, hoping that the Iranian
leadership will choose the path of working with the
international community to abide by its obligations.

Carney said there is no doubt that the concerted effort
of this administration, working with its international
partners and allies, to implement the most stringent sanctions
against Iran in history have had a significant impact on Iran,
on the its economy, and have contributed to the fissures
within the Iranian leadership.

"They are also probably a precipitating factor in the
kind of provocative statements and diversionary tactics that
the Iranians have used to try to change the subject from the
fact that they will not abide by their international
obligations, and that is why they are the subject of this kind
of pressure and this kind of isolation," he said yesterday.

Responding to questions, Carney said Israel is a key ally
and partner, and has a profound interest in the effort to
pressure Iran into abiding by its international obligations,
as do many nations in the region and the world.

Carney was responding to news reports that the Obama
Administration has asked Israel not to take a unilateral early
strike against Iran.

"We have worked very closely with the Israeli government,
with the Prime Minister, as we do on a number of issues, and
we believe that the approach we`ve taken has put unprecedented
pressure on Iran to change its behaviour," it said.



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