US will not ‘help’ Syrian rebels until Prez elections

Obama administration has reportedly told Syria’s opposition and its allies that it will not intervene until Nov’s Prez election.

Washington: The Obama administration has told Syria’s opposition and its allies that it will not intervene in the country’s crisis until after November’s presidential election, according to a report.

Despite mounting fury from the Syrian rebels, who are seeking assistance for their efforts to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the US has refused all requests for heavy weapons and intelligence support.

According to the Telegraph, Syrian lobby groups in the US, who expressed hope that the Obama administration might give a green light to the supply of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, said they had now been forced to “take a reality pill” by the American government.

“Basically the message is very clear; nothing is going to happen until after the election, in fact nothing will happen until after inauguration [Jan 2013],” the paper quoted a Washington lobbyist for the group, as saying.

“And that is the same message coming from everyone, including the Turks and the Qataris,” the person added.

According to the paper, the US has also made clear to its allies that it will not intervene, a message that was carried to London last week by Tom Donilon, the White House National Security Adviser.

Sources familiar with the matter said Donilon had made it “abundantly clear” that there was no room for increased US involvement in Syria.


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