Venezuela asks Interpol to arrest anti-Chavez media mogul

Venezuela asks Interpol to nab opposition Globovision TV boss Guillermo Zuloaga.

Caracas: Venezuela has asked Interpol to
arrest opposition Globovision TV boss Guillermo Zuloaga, who
ran afoul of President Hugo Chavez earlier this year for
allegedly slandering him.

"We`ve placed a request with (international police
agency) Interpol for an international arrest warrant against
Mr. Guillermo Zuloaga and his son," Interior Minister Tarek El
Aissami told reporters yesterday.

Zuloaga, 67, has disappeared since a Caracas court issued
an arrest warrant last week in connection with what his lawyer
said was a May 2009 charge of illegally storing 24 vehicles to
resell at higher prices.

Owner of the fiercely critical Globovision TV network,
Zuloaga in March was arrested for statements he made in the
Dutch island of Aruba, and charged with offending Chavez and
spreading false information. He was ordered not to leave
the country.

"We`re going to enforce the laws and the constitution...
the times when the high and mighty could commit crimes against
our national interests are over," said El Aissami.

He called Zuloaga and his son "fugitives... cowards who
don`t want to show their faces."

Although at large, Zuloaga in a recent telephone call to
Globovision refused to turn himself in and said both he and
his network were victims "of injustice and persecution by the
Chavez government."

Zuloaga`s arrest warrant is criticised both here and
abroad. The US State Department on Monday said it was
"seriously concerned" and called the warrant "the latest
example of the government of Venezuela`s continuing assault on
the freedom of the press."

Chavez recently rejected the criticism and stressed that
the court`s decision to go after Zuloaga had nothing to do
with his network`s editorial stance.


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