Violent nationalists will be punished: Kremlin

Soccer fans and nationalists clashed with riot police outside Kremlin walls.

Moscow: Russia`s President Dmitry Medvedev says the government will track down soccer fans and nationalists who rampaged and clashed with riot police just outside the Kremlin walls.

Medvedev wrote on Twitter late yesterday that the authorities will punish all those who were involved in the weekend`s violence.

About 5,000 soccer fans and nationalists gathered on a square just outside the Kremlin and clashed with riot police, leaving more than 30 people injured.

The clash raised fresh doubts about the authorities` ability to control increasingly violent nationalism.

The gathering was to protest the killing of a member of the Spartak team`s fan organisation, who was shot with rubber bullets in a fight at a bus stop. Those suspected of killing him are from Russia`s North Caucasus region.


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