Vote for Obama to achieve `American dream`: Harris

Indian-American Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, has asked her countrymen to vote for Barack Obama.

Updated: Sep 06, 2012, 10:52 AM IST

Charlotte: Indian-American Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris, has asked her countrymen to vote for Barack Obama, to achieve the American dream and alleged that his Republican challenger Mitt Romney if voted to power would take the country backwards.

"The American dream belongs to all of us. And if we can work together and stand together and vote together on November 06 for President Barack Obama, that`s a dream we will put within reach of all our people!" Harris told thousands of democrats in her prime time address at the party`s national convention here.

Often described as the female Obama in the making, Harris who has both African and Indian heritage lashed out at Romney on his housing policy, which she said would not help the people at all.

The first woman to be elected the Attorney General of California, Harris recollected her personal experiences and how excited as 13 years old she was when her mother Shyamala Harris bought their first home.

"When it comes to the housing crisis, the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is clear. The fact is, we don`t have to guess what Mitt Romney would have done if he were president. Because he told us. He said we should let foreclosures, and I quote, `hit the bottom`, so the market could, quote, `run its course`," she said amidst applause and cheer from the audience.

"Run its course. That`s not leadership. Doing nothing while the middle class is hurting. That`s not leadership. Loose regulations and lax enforcement. That`s not leadership. That`s abandoning our middle class," she said.

"Here`s what President Obama did: President Obama won Wall Street reform to prevent any more taxpayer-funded bailouts. President Obama won credit card reform so you don`t get stuck with hidden fees and sudden rate hikes. President Obama stood with me and 48 other attorneys general in taking on the banks and winning USD 25 billion for struggling homeowners," Harris said adding that that is leadership and that`s what Obama did.

"And that`s why we need to give him another four years. We need to move forward. President Obama will fight for working families. He will fight to level the economic playing field and fight to give every American the same fair shot my family had," Harris said.

Observing that American ideal should work for everyone, she said that ideal is written into US laws, the rules of the road that create a level playing field in this country.

"Those are the rules I became attorney general to uphold. And those are the rules Mitt Romney would have us roll back," she said.

"He would roll back the rules that protect the air we breathe and the water we drink. Roll back the rules that protect the health and safety of women and families. Roll back the rules that prevent the kind of recklessness that got our economy into this mess in the first place," said the California Attorney General.

"Well, we`ve all seen what happens when you roll back those rules. What happens are rows of foreclosure signs. What happens are mountains of family debt. What happens is a middle class that`s hurting. That`s what we`ve seen in towns across California and across this country," she said.

Harris said this election is a choice between an America where opportunity is open to everyone, where everyone plays by the same set of rules, or a philosophy that tilts the playing field to help the wealthiest few.

"A choice between holding Wall Street accountable or letting it write its own rules. Mitt Romney subscribes to the cynical logic that says the American dream belongs to some of us, but not all of us," Harris said.