Warnings of fresh terror strikes in Europe: Saudi Intelligence

Fresh terror strike warnings have been sounded in Europe triggering authorities to put on high alert.

London: Fresh terror strike warnings have
been sounded in Europe, particularly in France following new
tip offs by the Saudi intelligence triggering authorities to
put law enforcement agencies on high alert.

The warning of a potential attack by al Qaeda in the
Arabian Peninsula was received "in the last few hours"; the
French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux told a European
television network.

"The threat is real", `The Independent` reported quoting
the French minister telling the RTL television in an

Hortefeux said the warnings had been received from the
Saudi intelligence and are the latest in the series of alerts
that have put French security forces and intelligence agencies
and other agencies in Europe on high alert.

"We must not underestimate or over estimate the threat,"
the minister said. "We are directly concerned."

France, Germany and UK are already on high alert
following interrogations of a German al Qaeda member caught on
Afghan-Pak border, that al Qaeda is planning terror strikes in

American Fox television had also reported that
authorities had uncovered al Qaeda plot to hit world famous
tourist attractions like Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral in
France, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and other hot spots.

France began boosting security last month at these sites,
which were twice evacuated of tourists after false claims of
an attack.

The US, Japanese as well as Spain have issued travel
advisories to its citizens living or travelling in Europe to
take precautions, following reports that terrorists may be
plotting attacks on a European city, possibly a shooting spree
similar to the deadly 2008 attacks in Mumbai in India.


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