Was NRI bride killed accidentally in SA?

Dewani`s lawyers will argue that his wife was accidentally murdered.

London: Lawyers for Indian-origin
businessman Shrien Dewani are planning to argue that his new
wife, Anni, was accidentally murdered during the carjacking on
a South African honeymoon.

This line of reasoning, they believe, will help
disprove the theory that Anni was executed by hitmen hired by
Shrien, who hails from Bristol in south-west England.

Video footage of the couple enjoying their first
dance at their wedding at the end of October in India was
released to The Sunday Telegraph as further evidence the
couple were `madly in love with each other`.

The family says it is further proof there were no
marital problems which could have led Dewani to have his
bride murdered, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The post mortem reportedly shows her killer had at
one stage grabbed her leg, suggesting she may have struggled
and that the gun may have gone off accidentally.

The evidence gathered by Dewani`s legal team will be
used in the British courts to try and block South Africa`s
attempts to extradite him.

They will also argue that Dewani will not receive a
fair trial in South Africa following a number of prejudicial
comments made by South Africa?s national police commissioner,
who branded him a "monkey (who had come) from London to kill
his wife here".

The main evidence against Dewani is reported to be a
signed confession from taxi driver Zola Tongo who received a
reduced jail term of 18 years after striking a plea bargain.

He has accused Dewani of arranging the murder of his
28-year-old, Swedish-born wife on November 13.