We are unfairly blamed for proposing talks on Korean row: China

China complained that it was being unfairly criticised for seeking talks to overcome the latest tension on the Korean peninsula.

Beijing: China on Thursday complained that it
was being unfairly criticised for seeking talks to overcome
the latest tension on the Korean peninsula, following the poor
response from the international community for its proposal for
a six-party consultations.

"While it seems justified for someone to wield
weapons, China, as host of the six-party talks, received
criticisms for proposing the consultations. Is it fair?"

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said at a news briefing.

She was referring to poor response from United States,
South Korea and Japan, key members of the six-party talks,
to its proposal for consultations. Only Russia positively
responded to Beijing’s proposal.

The six-party talks group included China, North Korea
(DPRK), the United States, South Korea (The Republic of Korea)
Russia and Japan.

While North Korea has been under international
criticism over the shelling of a South Korean island, which
left four people dead, China has refused to flay Pyongyang.

Instead, China on Sunday proposed emergency
consultations among the heads of delegations to the six-party
talks in Beijing in early December following tensions on the
Korean Peninsula.

The ROK and the US yesterday concluded a four-day
joint naval drill in waters west of the divided peninsula
after the exchange of artillery fire last week between the two

"The starting point for China proposing emergency
consultations is to let all parties sit at the negotiation
table and exchange views on major issues, so as to ease the
tensions on the Korean Peninsula," Jiang said, adding the
emergency consultations do not mean formal six-party talks.

"We hope parties concerned would consider China`s
proposal seriously from the perspective of safeguarding peace
and stability of North East Asia and promoting the
denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula," she said.

Jiang stressed that the only way to resolve the Korean
Peninsula crisis is through dialogue and negotiation.

"Military alliances and displays of force cannot solve
the issue," the Foreign Ministry official underlined.

When asked to comment on the US-Japan joint exercise
starting today, which reports said would be held in waters off
the Diaoyu Islands, Jiang said China`s stance on the islands
is clear and consistent.

The US-Japan alliance should not damage the
interests of third parties, including China, she said, adding
that the international community does not support actions that
escalate tensions.