We have evidence linking Israel to Hariri murder: Hezbollah

Accusing Israel of killing Rafik Hariri, Shi`ite militant faction Hezbullah said they have evidence.

Jerusalem: Accusing Israel of assassinating
former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Shi`ite militant
faction Hezbullah has said that they will present evidence
implicating the Jewish state in the 2005 murder, a media
report said.

Speaking to Palestinian news agency Maan, Hezbullah
spokesman Ibrahim Mousawi on Sunday said that his group`s leader,
Hasan Nasrallah, would reveal "thunderous news" at a press
conference scheduled for tomorrow, presenting what he called
"comprehensive, revealing conclusive information" linking
Israel to Hariri`s 2005 assassination.

A United Nations tribunal was established in 2007 to try
suspects in the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri, who was
killed in a massive bomb blast in Beirut, along with 20 other

The assassinated Lebanese leader is the father of current
Premier Saad Hariri.

Hariri`s allies have accused Syria and its followers in
Lebanon of being behind the murder, a charge Damascus has
repeatedly denied.

Nasrallah last month had indicated that he has been
informed by junior Hariri that the UN tribunal would indict
some of his group`s members.

"Out of his keenness to ensure national unity, [Lebanese
Premier Saad] Hariri told me that the UN tribunal indictment
will be issued and will accuse some members of Hezbullah," the
shi`its militant faction`s chief had said.

Nasrallah charged that "there`s a new scheme that
targets the resistance [Hezbullah], Lebanon and the region
through the Special Tribunal for Lebanon".

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and Saudi Arabian King
Abdullah met in July with Lebanon`s President Michel Suleiman
in an effort to diffuse the mounting political tension over
possible indictments over the assassination.