What does Obama and Romney`s sun signs tell?

US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will compete in the presidential race in November.

Washington: US President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, who will compete in the presidential race in November, possess star charts that provide crucial insight into their personalities and astrological traits that lend themselves to leadership and cunning, which are particularly important for a high-profile position of power like that of President.

Obama, a Leo by birth, has the omnipotent sun as his most dominant energy, which gives him a positive sense of self and a responsible call to action, reports the New York Daily News.

Communication planets - Mercury and Saturn - make Obama an effective communicator with the managerial presence to be commander-in-chief. As election time nears, Obama will find unlikely people lending him assistance.

But, astrology also predicts that he will need a change of plans as people plot against him.

Obama`s greatest challenge will be to finish what he starts. He has been blessed with an awe-inspiring ability to express himself, and relies on intuition during situations that require a pressing decision, but his mercurial tendencies could lead him awry.

Piscean Romney`s chart is similarly complex and conflicted. The long list of academic achievements and top-notch degrees on Romney`s record can also be explained by the major influence of the intellectual planet Mercury.

Romney possesses a knack for mastering genius ideas in record time. But the power of Uranus - the planet of originality, innovation and hasty behaviours - gives him a certain groundlessness that contributes to his reputation as a flip-flopper.

Romney will get a boost of positive energy with expansive planet Jupiter in the sign of Gemini, but his desire to change tactics and re-evaluate policy might once again highlight a pattern of indecision.

Both Obama and Romney possess promising attributes in their star charts. That`s hardly surprising, given the remarkable success that has already placed them in powerful roles. But like everyone else in the country, neither is perfect.