Who’s hottest US vice presidential candidate ever?

Los Angeles-based gossip site TMZ.com has billed Paul Ryan as “the hottest vice presidential candidate ever".

Updated: Aug 18, 2012, 21:17 PM IST

Washington: As soon as news broke of the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee, Los Angeles-based gossip site TMZ.com has billed him as “the hottest vice presidential candidate ever”.

During the website’s webcast this week, reporters spoke of Ryan as: “Dude’s ripped".” “Paul Ryan is a workout freak.” “He has the Hollywood looks.”

Reporters are hot on the trail, hoping to unearth something juicy about the 42-year-old congressman, and have already struck gold, as they found a shirtless photo of Ryan.

A Washington, DC-based paparazzo interviewed Ryan asking him about his workout routine.

“Paul Ryan is definitely the ‘it’ guy right now, but not only because he’s Romney’s VP nominee choice, but because of his good looks and the quirky way he carries himself,” the reporter told the Politico.

“I’ve known him for walking around Congress listening to his iPod and playing Led Zeppelin. I’d like to find out who else he listens to while working out in the morning, who he likes/hates in Hollywood, and who he’d like to see play [him] in HBO’s 2016 documentary,” the reporter said.

The shirtless photos of Ryan “can fetch up to a low five figures this week”, according to the reporter.