Will find Obama job after defeating him: Bachmann

Republican presidential candidate said that she hoped to oust US President from his current employment and then help him find a job.

Washington: In fresh jabs at US President
Barack Obama, Republican presidential candidate Michele
Bachmann has said that she hoped to oust him from his current
employment and then help him find a job.

"I want you to know, as president of the United States,
I look forward to creating real jobs for both the Treasury
secretary (Tim Geithner) and the president of the United
States," Bachmann said in Iowa.

The Minnesota congresswoman also blasted "Obamacare,"
saying it would cost American jobs and questioning if Obama
"was in his right mind" for championing it.

She said America`s health care law should be repealed
and put a spin on that argument, citing figures that claim the
law would bleed jobs on top of those already lost in the
troubled economy.

Saying Obama "has cost this economy millions of jobs,"
Bachmann questioned "who, with all due respect, in their right
mind would propose a massive government takeover [of health
care]" that would cost thousands of jobs.

Bachmann`s swipes on Obama follow others recently
launched by her against the US President, CNN reported.

Last week, she told a crowd in South Carolina, "And we
think that there is a certain Hawaiian president who should go
back to Hawaii!"

And at a recent conference of conservatives in
Minneapolis, Bachmann used an unusual line of attack.

"The president promised the African-American community,
he promised the Hispanic community that he would make their
lives better. And that is what we want for every American,"
Bachmann said. "This president isn`t working. He`s failing the
Hispanic community. He is failing the African-American
community. He`s failing all of us."


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