Wind power company fined for damaging China`s Great Wall

Government has slapped USD 1730 fine on company for illegal wind turbines.

Beijing: A wind power company has been
fined for damaging a section of the China`s iconic Great Wall.

The Government has slapped 400,000 yuan (USD 1,730)
fine on the company in central China for illegally installing
wind turbines, which damaged a 2-kilometer section of the
Great Wall, `Shanghai Daily` reported.

The one-billion-yuan project by Henan Zhongtou Yingke
Co Ltd has been suspended after damages were found last month
in one of the Wall`s oldest sections in Yexian County, Henan
Province, Li Shujin, head of the province`s cultural relics
bureau said.

This section of the Great Wall dates back to the
Spring and Autumn Period (771 to 403 BC), about 400 years
older than the sections that stretch over the rolling hills
north of Beijing, the report said.