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With Syria on mind, Barack Obama arrives in Russia for G20 summit

Last Updated: Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 16:37

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha

Moscow: Hoping to muster international support over Syria strike plan, Barack Obama on Thursday arrived in St. Petersburg of Russia to attend the G20 summit which is set to be overshadowed by the debate over whether military force should be used against Assad regime.

Generally G20 focusses on global economy and Syria is not on the club’s agenda officially, but given the simmering situation in the civil war-stricken country in wake of the deadly chemical attacks on august 21 that the US claims, killed over 1400 people, Syria has captured global attention and is set to dominate the summit.

The G20 summit is bound to reflect the divide among the world leaders over Syria with Russian leader Vladimir Putin and China being against any military action whereas US President Barack Obama along with its allies would push hard for making a strong case for Syria.

Ahead of the summit, Russia’s Putin reiterated his warning against any unilateral US action, saying that without UN nod, US attack would be an aggression.

China echoed Russian stance when Chinese Vice Finance Minister said that any military action would be detrimental for the global economy.

"Military action would have a negative impact on the global economy, especially on the oil price - it will cause a hike in the oil price," Chinese Vice Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao told a briefing ahead of G20 summit.

While Obama, who was in Sweden a day before the summit, repeated that the red line against the use of chemical arms was set by the world and inaction over Syrian crime would augur bad for humanity.

"The international community`s credibility is on the line," Obama said seeking to convince the world on Syria.

Back home, though Obama’s Syria plan has cleared the first hurdle on way to win Congressional support, it is yet to be seen if the plan would undergo a smooth sailing in the full Senate vote next week and the House of Representatives thereafter.

First Published: Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 16:37
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