Woman sent $800 to Somali terror group: Affidavit

Nima Ali Yusuf is accused of providing money, personnel to help al-Shabab.

San Diego: A woman charged in San Diego with aiding a Somali terrorist group is accused of sending USD 800 to two fighters in the organisation.

The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper is reporting that an unsealed search warrant affidavit states that Nima Ali Yusuf was recorded on several phone calls arranging to send cash between January and July.

The 24-year-old is accused of conspiring in California and elsewhere to aid al-Shabab, an al Qaeda-linked militia trying to create an Islamic state in Somalia.

Authorities say Yusuf sent the money in small amounts of USD 50 or USD 100.

She was the fourth person charged in the past month in San Diego with helping al-Shabab. The others are accused of helping raise money and route funds to the radical Islamist group.