Woman wins China`s 1st cyber homosexual harassment case

A woman won $12,000 in compensation after being harassed online by a lesbian.

Beijing: A 34-year-old woman has won CNY 80,000 (USD 12,000) in compensation after being harassed online by a lesbian, in what is being termed as China`s first case of cyber homosexual harassment.

Huang Xiaoyan, a resident of Nanjing, sued the other woman claiming three years of online lesbian torment, China Daily reported citing the Jinlin Evening News.

Huang met an Internet user who went by the name of "Beautiful Mood" in 2007 through another Internet friend who was reportedly Beautiful Mood`s husband.

In the beginning, the two women chatted online in a friendly manner, but soon Beautiful Mood started intimate discussions using sexual descriptions with Huang.

Objecting to the unwanted discussions, Huang ended her online conversations. Beautiful Mood then started a volley of e-mail and SMS messages, and even disturbed Huang at her workplace.

Huang said she was forced to quit her job and suffered from mental illness due to stress.

In May 2009, she sued Beautiful Mood in the Nanjing Gulou district court.


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