Women in the West have no dignity: Ahmadinejad

Iran Prez says rights of women in his country are highly respected unlike the West.

New York: Iranian President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad has said that rights of women and girls in his
country are highly respected unlike the West where, he
claimed, women had "no dignity".

Human rights groups have rallied against Iran`s
election to the UN Commission on the Status of Women on the
grounds that the Islamic Republic is oppressive when it comes
to women`s rights.

"What is left of women`s dignity in the West? Is there
any generation left? Is there any love and kindness left,"
Ahmadinejad told reporters.

"Tell me exactly how women`s dignity is upheld in
West, especially in Europe."

"Women is a symbol of beauty of God on Earth," he
said, noting that women in Iran were far better off than women
in Europe where almost seventy per cent housewives were beaten
by their spouses.

Ahmadinejad also asserted that his country would never
join the Committee to Eliminate All Discrimination Against
Women (CEDAW) treaty.

"We will never accept CEDAW," he said, noting that
certain provisions of the treaty were undesirable.

"Our culture is our own. Our belief system is our own.
We will never (follow a) basic criterion that leads to the
destruction of women," the Iranian leader said.

Ahmadinejad noted that in Iran women were given a
great deal of respect in politics and academia research but
noted that "menial jobs" were not meant for women.

"In Iran, our women refuse to be drivers of trucks or
to clean streets or do hard and burdensome tasks that you and
I, in other words, men, do... An Iranian woman would just not
agree to those kinds of jobs," he said.


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