Won`t set red lines against Iran: Netanyahu

Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he will not set red lines for military action against Iran.

Ottawa: Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu on Saturday said he will not set "red lines" for military
action against Iran, insisting he wanted to preserve the
Jewish state`s freedom to maneuver.

"I have not set down red lines to the United States and
will not set down red lines," he said. "I want to reserve
Israel`s freedom to maneuver in light of threats, every
country would demand that."

Netanyahu arrived in Canada today ahead of White House
talks next week expected to focus on halting Iran`s
controversial nuclear drive.

Shortly after his arrival in Ottawa, Netanyahu met
privately with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a keen
backer of Israel. He was to travel on to Washington on Sunday.

At a news conference with Harper, Netanyahu laid out
Israel`s demands for Iran: to dismantle its underground
nuclear facility in Kum, stop uranium enrichment and get rid
of all enriched material in Iran beyond what would allow it to
make medical isotopes or generate nuclear power.

Netanyahu and Obama are to meet Monday and are expected
to discuss further measures to slow or halt Iran`s nuclear
program, which Israel views as its greatest strategic threat.

Western nations have stepped up sanctions on Iran,
accusing it of pursuing nuclear weapons in the guise of a
peaceful program, charges denied by Tehran.


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